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People Required by Law to Love Me

October 29, 2010

I’m so over using nicknames.  I was trying to protect the identity of the innocent but then I realized that they’re neither innocent nor do I really care about protecting their identity.

Besides, I went to a blogging convention last weekend (because I’m such an accomplished blogger and that’s what we do) and one of the things I learned was that once you’ve been blogging for a while Google works it’s voodoo magic and somehow ties your name with the blog anyway.

Sidenote – I have every intention of writing about Show Me the Blog StL.  Intentions aren’t posts though and I’m a known procrastinator, so bear with me.

So from here on out we’ll all go by our real names:

ME!!!  aka – Katie/Murph

My husband – aka Scott

My mom and stepdad – aka Linda and Bill

And their rugrats, aka – Oldest to youngest: Sarah, Jadie, and Rae

My dad and stepmom – aka Keith and Jenny

And their rugrats, aka – Oldest to youngest:  Ryan, Valerie, and Eli.  After searching facebook high and low it’s become obvious that these three don’t take pictures together.  Two of them are teenagers now, so they’re too cool for family photos.

My sister and her boyfriend – aka Amber and Jim

My ladies and besties for over 10 years – aka Laurie, Katie, and Stacey

Second from left is me with straight hair, in case you didn’t recognize me.  Which happens a lot when it’s not curly.

My little buddy – aka Ethan, Katie’s 4-year-old

As I was hunting through facebook for photos to put up I realized the amount of people I’d have to leave out of this post.  I’m a lucky chickadee with a lot of really amazing friends and family.  I don’t want to say anybody is more important than anyone else…but the people above are totally more important than anyone else.  Sorry.

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  1. October 30, 2010 8:55 pm

    You’ve got a great looking family there! Especially that wonderful mom of yours! What a great looking gal! LOL.

    I am one person who uses her real name on the Internet. I haven’t had it come to bite me in the back, yet, but I have always felt comfortable using my real name online.

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