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Things That Are Annoying Me Today

January 14, 2011

In no particular order.

1.  I was looking in the work refrigerator for my creamer (which someone had shoved to the back of the fridge behind a bunch of shit and turned on it’s side, effectively hiding it from view and pissing me off) when one of my coworkers squeezed past to get to the coffee machine.  I smile, move out of his way, and generally pretend like I’m a nice person who doesn’t want to kill anyone I see before 10:00am.  When I find my creamer I turn to the coffee machine to pour myself a cup, only to find that the fucker I had smiled at 30 seconds prior left the goddamn thing empty.  I am, by nature, a lazy person so I know the feeling of not wanting to make a new pot of coffee.  But I do because I’m not an asshole.

2.  People who treat the CC and Reply to All functions like they’re my grandma trying to spread the word of the Lord through sparkly emails.

3.  I do not give a shit if this week your baby is big as a pecan or a banana or a ballsack.  I also don’t want to vote for your niece in any sort of photo contest.  Basically I wish that people pulled their heads out of their asses long enough to realize that people all over the world have children and yours isn’t special or interesting to anyone other than their family.  Basically, STFU Parents.

4.  Those stupid Westboro church fucks who protest at funerals AND the people who continue to talk about them.  Yes, they’re some of the shittiest people in the country right now.  Obvi.  But the reason they do what they’re doing is because they know it will receive attention.  Anyone who insists on giving them any time is just catering to what they want.  Since we can’t have a public hanging, can we please for the good of everyone, just have a nationwide moratorium on covering their hate in the news?

5.  Snow.  And all the jerks who don’t have to go to school or work because of it.  Jls.

6.  Bureaucracy and paperwork.  Specifically as it relates to my 2009 tax return that I STILL HAVEN’T FUCKING GOTTEN or my student loans which seemingly can only be taken care of with 10 consecutive hours of my time and every scrap of paper that has ever touched my fingers.


I wrote this a couple of days ago and then didn’t post it because it had no real conclusion (other than an awesome song from Futurama).  I’ve decided to hell with conclusions.  My posts never have them and if you want to read my blog you can just deal with it.

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  1. January 14, 2011 3:29 pm

    I hate paperwork as well.

    And people who do not know the difference between reply and reply to all.

    I agree with you.

  2. January 14, 2011 4:31 pm

    You forgot people who don’t use spell check in their email. I mean geez louise, it isn’t that difficult to turn on. And I mean, people in upper management for heaven’s sake. Considering they are the ones making the big bucks they should at least know how to turn spell check on in their email right?

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