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It’s A Boy!

April 22, 2011

Alternately titled:  I Do Believe in Spooks.  I Do Believe in Spooks.  I Do, I Do, I Do Believe in Spooks!

We’ve covered previously that I unequivocally believe in ghosts.  So it’s not such a stretch for me to believe in other supernatural things.  I’m not talking about vampires and warewolves (although if Eric Northman showed up at my doorstep I could be easily convinced of anything) but rather paranormal stuff like psychics and voodoo.

I do initially want to offer a little bit of defense for myself by saying that I’m still a discerning person.  I realize that a lot of people with purported  psychic powers are playing on human emotion and manipulating it to a certain desired outcome.  I know that they seem realistic but that’s because they’ve learned the techniques necessary to seem realistic.

But if you really do believe that there are some psychics out there then how the hell do you tell the difference???  Dammit, this is the problem with the supernatural.  We can’t prove that shit.

So anyway, my mom is at an astronaut conference in New Orleans this week.  Yesterday she sent me this message:

For those who don’t know, my stepdad has Diabetes (go here and donate if you’re feeling generous!).

I told her that I’m not pregnant and I know that for sure because just this Tuesday I was party to a medical procedure that I requested prison rape involving an ultrasound wand.  More on that tomorrow.

Apparently the palm reader said that if I’m not pregnant now I will be very soon.  YAY!

My sister yelled at me for being so gullible.  I told her that it was more just hope that it would happen quickly (since we just began ttc a few weeks ago [look at me using acronyms! pregnancy sites are all over the acronyms]) rather than me thinking that the palm reader KNEW.

Buuuut he did get a bunch of other stuff right.  He knew Amber wasn’t married but that her and Jim were “together for the distance.”

He said to my mom “Two of your kids never want to throw anything away and it drives you crazy.”  Hello, dumpster diver blog post from three weeks ago.

He talked about my mom’s new job which she was just offered the day before.

He knew she was on her second marriage.

He asked how much more weight she was planning to lose, and knew that she had lost a bunch already.

There’s other stuff too, but those things aren’t my stories to tell.  I also haven’t been able to actually speak to her and hear about the experience, I got everything through text.  So I’m looking forward to hearing the story this weekend at our Easter get together.

Until then you’ll find me on putting together a baby registry for my little presciently forthcoming bundle of joy!

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  1. April 30, 2011 6:29 am

    So, um, are you pregnant yet?

    I’m totally going to blame you if my whole psychic reading turns out to be a sham.

    Also, what about Levi??

    I can’t seem to do boy names… I don’t have any experience. Maybe I should sit this one out and just help (as mothers are wont to do!) when it’s a girl baby coming. (Are you SURE you won’t name it after one of the Von Trapp family girls?? There are some good girl names in that group!)

  2. the aunt who's not an aunt permalink
    May 2, 2011 1:56 pm

    funny….when you get a good psychic you know just as quickly that they’re good, and you know just as quickly if they are bad… all with a pinch of salt though… i’ve had 3 really good ones & countless bad ones…

    so…you preggies yet?

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