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I’m Awesome

That’s the number one thing you should know about me coming in to this.  Or at least you should know that I think I’m awesome; a belief which has been tested and has held up nicely for 27 years and counting.  How many years does it take for a theory to turn into scientific fact?  I’m assuming I’ll be receiving a notice in the mail about it sometime soon.

Does anyone like filling out the About Me section?  I find it awkward.  Like I should collaborate with a friend to put it together or get some sort of proof reader so that it’s not a bunch of egomaniacal bullshit.  I love it when people write their About Me page in third person.  I can tell just by reading it that they’re way busier and more important than me.

Awkward as it is, I guess I should get to the point…

I’m a 27 year old…lady?  I’ve recently graduated (with a BA in Communication Studies), started working in the corporate world (at a company that I adore), got married (to my best friend, like it should be), and bought a house (I don’t have a cute parenthetical for the house even though I like it).  So it’s been a busy busy year.  No kiddos for us yet, but stay tuned.  I come from a big family and my husband and I can’t wait to have our own chubby little mini-me’s.

I’m a big fan of lazy nights at home watching tv or playing on the internet.  I’ll interchangeably refer to both my DVR and StumbleUpon as my boyfriends.  I’ve always read for pleasure as well, but I don’t have any particular authors that I obsess over.  Oops, false.  I fucking love everything Harry Potter.

I try to walk the line between generally-responsible-kinda-lame adult and the sarcastic loudmouth teenager that I still think of as my unadulterated personality.  I’m not a good liar and have difficulty with any sort of politics; my saving grace being that I’m unfailingly honest and people seem to like that.  I try to curb my honesty with tact and understanding.  I try, but the “tact” aspect has a tendency to slip through the cracks again and again.

I’m a huge proponent of diversity and equality.  I do my best to speak up when I see injustice but I know that I don’t do nearly enough.  I feel that way about most things, I guess…that I do okay but could always be doing better.  I’m assuming that’s pretty standard for anyone who does any amount of self-examination.

I always like it when bloggers compile a list of posts they think best represent who they are.  But at this point I have 8 posts total so that’s pointless.  I guess that means it’s time to get your ass to reading.

  1. Alan permalink
    October 11, 2010 11:37 am

    Good luck upon you! Though being Irish and having all that Blarney action I suspect you don’t need it. I’ll be reading every chance I get.

    Warmest regards and Best Wishes,


    P.S. You better be fucking funny. I get bitchy when I’m not constantly amused.

    • October 11, 2010 12:21 pm

      Thanks for the warm wishes as well as the pressure to entertain. I get bitchy when the wind blows so hopefully you find that amusing enough.

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